Flat Top Ninja Paramotor

The 2011 Flat Top Ninja is the ultimate paramotor on the market today. It combines pure power with affordability, allowing for the perfect paramotor package to be built. The current 2011 model weighs only 54lbs which makes it 14 lbs lighter then the Flat Top 200 Super and 35 lbs lighter than the Flat Top Evo.

Combining the Vittorazi Moster engine with our ground breaking designs has revolutionised paramotor designs, providing you with a similar lift ratio to the bigger paramotor models.

The Flat top Ninja is the most user friendly paramotor on the market today. Its special tuning during the build process, allows you to become the ultimate paramotorist, right out of the box! It really is as simple as putting gas into the tank and your flying away.

If you are looking for a paramotor with quietness and speed then this is the Flat Top model you have been waiting for. It also comes with a one year warrantee to provide a piece of mind during your expedition into the unknown.