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Who We Are

Dell Schanze

Dell started flying in 1998 when the sport was brand new.


Since Dell learned he has accumulated over 11,000 individual flights.


Dell is the founder and creator of the Flat-Top Paramotors.


Dell is Worlds Best Paramotor Pilot because he can do what no one else can.


Dell has done everything, flown everything, pushed every limit, and learned the ins and outs of ppg.

Trevor Steele

Trevor Started flying in 2013 at the age of 13 years old.


He learned how to fly from Dell Schanze himself and has continued to progress in skill.


Trevor is the Number 2 paramotor pilot in the world behind Dell.


Trevor has been flying since 13, tandems since 14, loops since 15, circle foot drags at 16, wingtip drags at 17, and even more sense.


Trevor is one of the youngest pilots in the world at only 19 years old with over 2,000 flights.