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Day 1

Super Training Day 1 is a crazy day for the students. It is full of instruction and learning. The students are just starting to develop their skills and are building their time under the wing.

Day 2

Super Training Day 2 is the day of further skill building. Students are starting to get more comfortable and figure things out.

Day 3

Super Training day 3 is the day students muscle memory is starting to build. They have a good understanding of the basics.

Day 4

Super Training Day 4, super students are starting to learn more and more. They have mastered the basics and move on to more.

Day 5

Super Training Day 5, the students are starting to develop master-level skills. They start to push the limits and practice more difficult things.

Day 6

Super Training day 7, students are starting to get ready to fly. They have built the needed skills to safely and successfully fly.

Day 7

Super Training Day 7, is a very exciting day! The students who are ready to fly are taking their first flight and get a taste of the sky!

Day 8

Super Training Day 8, more students are starting to take their first flights. It is a SUPER fun day as people are starting to experience the beauty of flying!

Day 9

Super Training Day 9, students are starting to build serious flying skills. Students continue to knock out more flights and build more experience.

Day 10

SUPER TRAINING DAY 10! As more students take flights we continue to build their skills. They are getting a full understanding of how to fly. They are building experience in the air. They are ready to go home and fly themselves.