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The Glider For Everyone


The Dominator Will Save Your Life.



The Dominator is built to be extremely difficult to stall. Stalling it requires a heavy amount of brake for over 8 seconds.


Once the glider has stalled it will reopen itself within a very short amount of time.


It is controllable within a stall if the pilot knows how to control it.




The Dominator is built to resist collapses and remain stable.


Upon a full collapse, the Dominator slowly sinks down and does not spin at all. The Dominator takes less than a second to recover from a full stall.


Upon a 50% collapse, the Dominator in continues to fly in a controllable straight line. You can fully safely fly with only 50% of the Dominator.

In Flight Control


The Dominator is extremely easy to maneuver in the air.


Perfectly balanced brake range allows for easy cruising and hard maneuvers.


In Flight Stability


The Dominator is the most stable paraglider currently available. With its innovative design, it provides extreme amounts of stability while still being easily maneuverable.

Ground Control


The Dominator is designed to be easily controllable on the ground. Whether taking off, landing or kiting the Dominator is extremely easy to control.


The glider is used for practice with brand new students as well as being used for experienced pros. From just touching a glider to ridge soaring sand dunes the Dominator makes it easy.


It is designed to not overfly you and allow heavy brake usage before a stall.

EN A Safety Rating

Call For More Information:

(800) 707-2525



9 Pounds




The Dominator is the fastest paraglider currently available. Coming in at 51mph.


Glide Ratio


The Dominator has one of the best glide ratio at 9 to 1. For every 9 feet forward you drop 1 foot.




The Dominator is one of the best handling gliders available.


You can wingtip drag, loop, sat, spin, foot-drag, top-land, and more.


Ease Of Launch


Due to the Dominators lightweight design, the Dominator requires almost no effort to get into the Sky. 


The Dominator produces lift very quickly and at slow speeds, making it extremely easy to take off.


The Dominator

The Dominator is the perfect balance between safety and performance. Its performance is comparable to acro gliders while maintaining the best safety.


You can safely push the limits as your skills progress. This glider will be everything you need to go from cruising up and down the beach to intense acro.


The Dominator will spoil you in PPG. You will be able to safely fly when others cant and go where others won't. Simply because of its combination of safety and performance.


There is no longer a need to purchase multiple gliders. You do not need to purchase a training wing for safe flying and an acro wing for fun flying. The Dominator is the best of both.

Call For More Information:

(800) 707-2525


Flown By Both

Pro's and Newbie's


Dominator Sizes


25 Square Meter's


27 Square Meter's


29 Square Meter's


16 Square Meter's

48 MPH Top Speed


19 Square Meter's

51 MPH Top Speed


21 Square Meter's


23 Square Meter's

The Dominator

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Call (800) 707-2525


The ultimate paraglider for the ultimate pilot!


Experience flight with incredible performance and safety.


Used Gear Is Available Upon Calling.