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Flat-Top Ninja

The Best Paramotor Ever Built

Safety + Performance + Design + Quality = Perfection

The Flat-Top Ninja is the most incredible paramotor ever built. Hand built by experience in the sport to solve common problems with other designs. It is incredibly simple and extremely well designed.

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Crumple Zone


The MOST important safety feature on any paramotor.


The Flat-Top Ninja has 18 inches of crumple zone between the pilot and the ground.


Meaning when you impact the ground the paramotor is going to take the initial impact not you.


The Flat-Top is going to act as an energy absorber and absorb the majority of the impact saving your life.


The most common injury in paramotoring is a spinal injury caused by a lack of protection under the pilot.

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Face Plant Protection


Faceplant protection is the 16-inch comfort bars that stick out in front of you.


The purpose of Faceplant protection is to prevent your body from being smashed into the ground.


When you trip and fall down forwards your face and body are going to be protected.


Upon falling you will not only be protected from the weight of the motor but also the thrust of the engine. If the motor is at full power your body will not be crushed by the thrust.


A common injury is the breaking of the face or neck due to the weight and thrust of the paramotor slamming you into the ground.


It's not a question of if you are going to hit the ground but instead when. And when you do, you do not want to be slammed into the ground by over 200 lbs on your head.

Quick Release Harness


The Flat-Top Ninja is equipped with a one pull that's all harness. 


The ability to quickly and effortlessly get out of your paramotor in a dangerous situation can and will save your life.


Crashing your paramotor is a risk that pilots take and being able to be out of the harness in under 5 seconds will save you if you end up in the water.


It gives you a strong state of mind that if you are to ever end up landing in the water you can get out and away as fast as possible.


Not being able to get out of your paramotor quickly is very dangerous. Once the glider hits the water it will be carried with the current. And if those lines are hooked around you it will drag you around and possibly slice through you.


Propeller Protection / Cage Netting


Your propeller is a major risk of injury. Not only for you but for those around you.


The Flat-Top Ninja is equipped with tightly woven kevlar netting.


It is strung tight enough that your hand cannot slip or go through the netting without purposefully trying.


The netting is so strong that even you can actually jump up and down on it and still not get anywhere near the prop or break it.


You will not be able to get your hand near the propeller without purposefully trying too.


A common injury is chopped up fingers and hands from hitting the propeller. If a paramotor is falling over people often try and stop it by using their hand and it goes through the netting or pushes the netting into the propeller.




The Flat-Top Ninja uses the most efficient, powerful and reliable engines available. It is powered by the Vittorazi Moster 185.




The Flat-Top Ninja weighs in at 54 Pounds dry.




The Flat-Top Ninja produces 29.5 horsepower and upward of 180 lbs of thrust.

Max Carrying Weight


The Flat-Top Ninja can carry up to 600 lbs.




The Flat-Top Ninja is built to last over 500 hours of flying before needing major repairs.


Flight Time


The Flat-Top Ninja has 2 different fuel tank set ups. Single tanks and dual tank.


A single tank is 2.5 gallons and flies for between 2-2.5 hours.


Dual tank is 5 gallons and can fly for 4-5 hours.


5 Piece Cage


The Flat-Top Ninja is built with an interchangeable 5 piece cage. When you break a single cage piece you no longer have to replace the entire thing.


Dual Ring Cage


The Flat-Top Ninja is built with a dual ring cage for added strength and durability.




The Flat-Top Ninja is built with a flat top to maximize the amount of distance from the prop where it needs it without making the cage too large.


Rounded Skids


The Flat-Top Ninja is built with rounded skids on the bottom. This is so that when you impact the ground you slide instead of digging into it.


It also allows for easily moving the Flat-Top Ninja around on the ground.



The Flat-Top Ninja is built with a trigger throttle. This is for multiple reasons.


A trigger throttle gives you an easier way to modulate throttle input. You also can more easily hold the brake in your hand. 


If you are to fall down the trigger throttle is less likely to hit the ground in a way that it presses and applies power accidentally.


Spectra Cloth Harness

The Flat-Top Ninja's harness is built out of spectra cloth.


Spectra cloth is both extremely light and extremely strong.

Gas Tank Placement


The Flat-Top Ninja is built with the gas tank under the engine.


This allows for easily gassing it up. This also offsets and counters the motors torque steer.


Handless Seating


The Flat-Top Ninja is built with handless seating harness. You do not have to ever take your hands off of the controls to get in or out of the harness.


Certified Height Hookin Points


The Flat-Top Ninja is built with certified height hook in points. This minimizes the risk of risor twits and places you at the right height.

The Strongest And Most Durable Paramotor Ever Created.

The Tank of Paramotors



The Flat-Top Ninja is built extremely strong. It is able to withstand being slammed into the ground over and over again.




The Flat-Top Ninja is built to be extremely durable. From dragging it around to hitting the ground the Flat-Top Ninja can take a serious beating.




The Flat-Top Ninja is built to be assembled and disassembled with no tools necessary.


The cage pieces can all be taken off within 5 minutes due to its velcro design.


No instruction necessary to take apart and put it back together.




The Flat-Top Ninja can compact down small enough to be transported easily in a small Prius




  The most well thought out and detailed paramotor ever built.


Built with designs and safety features seen only on the FLat-Top Ninja.


Built locally in the United States.


Designed by the experience of over 25 years flying.

The Ultimate





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The ultimate paramotor for the ultimate pilot!

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