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Want To Learn More About Super Training, The #1 Paramotor School?


Train with the best pilots and instructors in the world to get the best skills straight from the source.


25-60 HOURS of actual hands-on glider control practice as well as up to 400+ flights of experience.


You will develop true glider control skills and build reflexes BEFORE you ever take your first flights.


The best pilot in the world will guide you personally picking which gear for which conditions you fly in.


Proven Structure

You will be taken through a proven structure on training you to master level skills.



At Super Training you will progress at your own rate. There is no cap on the skills you can learn.


For More Information

Call: (800) 707-2525


Super Training

Unlimited Gear Use


At Super Training you will get unlimited access to all of our gear for the entire 10-day class. This includes unlimited ground control practice and unlimited flights on all of our gear.


Gear Insurance


For the entire 10-day class we cover 100% of all damages done to any of our gear. We want you to be able to train without worry about damaging gear. If you completely total a Flat-Top, the repairs are on us.

We are so confident in our training we do not make you pay for repairs.

A Paramotor School That Will Properly Train You


At Super Training we will be focused on the development of necessary skills to ensure your safety and success in PPG.


Super Training is a paramotor and paraglider school that will train you properly. We take you from a complete novice to having fine-tuned reflexes that ensure your safety and success in PPG.


We do more than just throw you off a hill hoping you safely make it to the bottom. We spend an extensive amount of time developing your reflexes and understanding for every situation imaginable. You will have a complete mastery of the glider after Super Training.


There are a few major components to take into consideration when getting training.

Who Your Training With


In PPG it is common that the vast majority of people claim to be instructors. As a result, there is a mass number of inadequate instructors who are not qualified to effectively train.


They, themselves might be able to fly but that does not qualify them to be safe instructors. An instructor has to be able to effectively teach someone the knowledge they possess.


Combined we have over 30 years experience in training PPG. Our complete understanding of everything is vastly extensive and it shows.


Beyond just understanding it we know how to successfully teach it to everyone. We know what to teach people and how to do it.

Where your Training


Proper Paramotor and Paragliding training cannot be performed in some locations. To effectively learn to control the wing, consistent wind is necessary.


Inland does not produce consistent enough wind for adequate training. To get consistent wind year round it is necessary to travel to a beach location.


You cannot learn to control the glider if the glider cannot stay in the sky.


The Focus Of The Training


The purpose of training should be the development of actual skills.

The Focus of Super Training is on the development of skills. We do not focus on the teaching of theory.

For More Information

Call: (800) 707-2525

You Can Actually Watch

Us Train!

Were confident enough to post real videos online.

Why Paramotor Training Is So Important


Skipping of paramotor instruction leads to a lack of adequate understanding and skills. This sport is muscle memory based and lack of instruction leads to failures in muscle memory development.


Your chances of injury are increased without proper instruction. You greatly improve the odds of making a dangerous mistake if you have not been trained properly.


Where Our Training Is


Super Training is Located in Corpus Christi, Texas. After years of searching for the best location, we have found that Corpus Christi, Texas provides us with consistent year-round winds.


Life Long Friends


Super Training is more than just paramotor training. It is a gathering of like-minded people with the same passion for flying. At Super Training you will build life long friendships with fellow students and instructors.


What You Will Learn


At Super Training you will spend between 5-10 hours per day on the beach practicing ground control. We focus on truly developing your skills of controlling the glider before you get in the air.


After mastering control of the glider you will be cleared for takeoff and we will guide you into the air. The main focus once flying, is touch and go'es. Super students can leave our class with up to 500 flights.


For More Information

Call: (800) 707-2525


Your Time

Is Now.

How Long Is Super Training


Super Training is 10 days long. It starts on a Saturday and ends on a Monday, thus reducing the number of days you miss work.


When attending Super Training you will fly in the day prior to class or Friday and fly out the day post-class or Tuesday unless you cannot.


Super Training Investment


Super Training will be the best investment you will ever make in your journey of paramotoring or paragliding.

Price: $2,500.00


Call To Learn Why More People Come To Super Training Then Other Schools.

(800) 707-2525


What Does That Cover?


Housing for 11 days.

Unlimited use of all our gear.

Insurance on any damages to our gear.

Transportation for you during the 10 days.



How Do You Sign Up?


To sign up for Super Training call us at

(800) 707-2525


When Are Our Classes?


We have Super Training about every 2-3 months.

January 2019

March 2019

June 2019

August 2019

October 2019