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The BEST Paramotor Training School On Earth. Period.

Building elite level pilots in as little as 10-days through a proven curriculum.

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Top 3 Secrets To Guarantee Your Success In Learning To Fly A Paramotor.

1. Your Instructor.


As the paramotor industry continues to grow, more and more people are claiming to be “instructors”. The problem is, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THERE DOING.


There are “Instructors” out there teaching people when they themselves do not know how to fly. They might be able to get into the air, but they have no real control.


The scary thing is, people fall for it! There are people out there who spend thousands of dollars, weeks worth of time, and valuable energy attempting to learn from these people.


The risk is that they can get seriously injured! This is aviation and requires a higher level of skill to safety do then other sports. You do NOT want to be attempting to fly from some JOE BLOW down the street.


There is only ONE real paramotor pilot you want to learn from and I’ll tell you why... 


He is our main instructor, and his name is Dell Schanze.

Dell Schanze is the WPPGA world champion and and US national glider control champion.


Dell has been flying for over 20 years. In a sport as new as paramotors 20 years in a LONG TIME. He got into flying paramotors before it was even a thing. 


Over the last 20 years Dell has worked to perfect the exact formula for mastering control of the paraglider… And he has…


For over 15 years he has been teaching pilots just like you, helping them master control of the paraglider.


Dell Schanze is one of the TOP pilots in the ENTIRE world. No one has done more in terms of flying then him. 


Over the last 20 years he has over 11,000 flights and thousands of hours of airtime. Dell Schanze has flown, tested, and tried everything there is to do in paramotors and lives to tell.

People fly in from all around the world to train exclusively with Dell Schanze himself.

Dell Schanze personally trains more people than any other competing school in the world.

Is it better to train with the student, or the instructor?  The majority of competing schools instructors were trained by Dell Schanze himself.

If competing schools hire Dell's students straight out of training, then it goes without saying that Super Training is without a doubt, the best.

Dell Schanze does not hire people to do the training for him. He personally is out on the field teaching his students hands on.

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2. Location, location, location.


Your training location is one of the MOST CRITICAL things to consider when choosing paramotor training.

To truly learn to fly a paramotor you need to MASTER control of the paragldier first.

To do that it requires 25-60 hours of real glider control practice.

In order to effectively practice glider control, you need wind.  You either have to create the wind, or have consistent wind.

You simply cannot run 8 MPH for 25-60 hours.

So the next best option is to go to a location that has consistent wind at the perfect speed.

This will allow you to properly practice for up to 8 hours a day reducing the total amount of time you have to practice from years to days.

Trying to learn inland, where the wind blows for maybe 30 minutes a day would take YEARS to master control.

So you go to the beach. Our training location is on the beach of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The beach gives us consistent winds 365 days a year at perfect speed.

Trust me, we wouldn't drive for 3 days straight and 1,500 miles one way because we want too...

We do it because we know just HOW IMPORTANT the location is.

You simply cannot learn to fly locally.

You will spend months on months trying to learn when in reality your not learning anything.

A recent student who attended Super Training had been training with a local school to him.

He had been training with them for over a year and a half.  Every weekend he would meet them at their field for "training".

After a year he realized he wasn't actually learning anything... In fact he knew less than he knew before the training.

He had barley spent a few hours in total actually practicing with the glider. Because you either create wind, or you have wind.

After 20 minutes of sprinting down the field, he was worn out.

He had spend over $2,000 with them and another $1,000 repairing the equipment he broke when trying to launch...

After a year a half of this, he had had enough.

So he signed up for Super Training for spring 2019 class.

Within 1 day, he had learned more than the entire YEAR and a half he spent with the other school.

By the end of the 10 days, he had over 100 flights and had MASTERED control of the paraglider to a level the other schools instructors had yet to reach.

Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

3. Learn Real Techniques


You must learn the proper techniques to ensure your safety and success when flying.


A paraglider is one of the most incredible aircraft's EVER. You do NOT need to be in the air to learn to fly it.


And you MUST learn to master control of it before you ever get into the air.


A paraglider is simply a piece of fabric flying through the air.  One minute it can be doing this, the next the complete opposite.


Proper training will teach you step by step from a complete newbie who cant keep it up, to a master who can keep it up indefinitely.


This happens through perfect practice of every technique.


At Super Training their are over 21 specific things you must pass off before you EVER take your first flight.

Reverse kiting, no hands, stance, altitude control, loading control, and many many more things must be practiced and MASTERED before you fly.


Flying before you master control of the paraglider is DANGEROUS.


That glider is POWERFUL.  If you don't know how to keep it under control it will drag you around like a doll.


Being in the air is very dangerous if you don't know what your doing.  That glider  can collapse and untrained pilots will NOT know how to predict, prevent, and recover from collapses.


We have learned this through years and years of training. It is costly, time consuming, and less fun to spend the majority of your training on the ground learning to fly.


But it is absolutely NECESSARY.  We know the risk, and REFUSE to fly students who are not ready to be in the air.

The result of our dedication to helping our students master control is incredible.

Brand new SUPER students leave Super Training with more skill than competing instructors DREAM of...


Often times students leave Super Training return home to find that all the local pilots have NO IDEA what they are doing.

Local instructors are just as clueless....

But wait, it gets better...

This is a video of one of our BRAND NEW SUPER students helping the BlackHawk owner Mike R. launch because he couldn't... 

Results speak for themselves.

Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

The Best Training

On Earth

"I'm Just Gonna Learn Off YouTube!"


This is aviation and requires more skill than other sports to SAFELY do.

You have to learn from experienced instructors to ENSURE you do not do anything stupid and to ensure you have the skills to keep you safe.

Flying can be dangerous, and new pilots who don't receive real instruction will not know the risks.

You simply cannot teach yourself.  You must build reflexes, and muscle memory, that unless someone teaches you, your gonna do it backwards and wrong.



There are many techniques that are CRITICAL to learning to fly that unless someone teaches you hands on, you will not ever learn correctly and do them backwards.


Some aspects of flying a paraglider seem backwards unless you learn properly.


Even hooking into your paragldier, something as little as that, is incredibly difficult.


I envy anyone who can self teach themselves just to hook into their paraglider.


If you wish to pursue flying safely, DO NOT SELF TEACH.


Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

Super Training's GUARANTEE.

At Super Training, we GUARANTEE you will become such a good pilot that we cover 100% of the damages done to our equipment.

We are quite literally putting our money where our mouth is.

Students who attend Super Training are NOT liable for any damages to our equipment.

We are so confident in our ability to teach you effectively that you will NOT break our equipment or we have to pay for it.

Super Training is the ONLY school in the entire world that is so confident we pay for any damages.

Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

How Does Super Training Work?

There are 4 simple steps...


  1. Sign up!

  2. Show up!

  3. Learn to fly!

  4. Fly!


First you sign up for a class. We have 5 classes a year with 15 spots available each.  All 15 spots are typically filled months in advanced.  So book your spot as soon as possible.


Second, you show up!  After signing up for a class we will provide you with what day to arrive and depart.  Then you either show up via car or plane. If you show up via plane we pick you up from the airport and take you to our training facility. 


Third, you learn to fly!  After arriving to our training location, we will spend the next 10 days hands on with you one on one teaching you exactly what to do.  We will walk you step by step through everything you need to learn and help you master control.


Four, you fly!  Once you have mastered control of the paraglider, we send you up!  Every student will be flown with radio communications and walked through the entire thing by the main instructor Dell Schanze.

Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

When Is The Next Super Training?

Super Training 2020 class dates:

  • January 17-28

  • April 3-14

  • June 5-16

  • September 11-22

  • November 6-17

To book a class call (800) 707-2525 and speak with Dell Schanze himself!

Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

How Much Is Super Training?

Super Training costs only $4,500. $2,000 is credit you can use towards equipment at anytime before, during, or after the training.  Whether that is 5 days after or 5 years after.  Meaning, if you purchase equipment from us, the true cost of the class is only $2,500.


Included in the price at Super Training, we provide you with everything you need to learn.  Paragliders, paramotors, radio setups, harnesses, and everything else you need are provided by us.  You don’t have to spend a single dollar on gear unless you choose too. It is obviously appreciated...  This alone is worth more than the cost of the class.


(This one should really cost extra…)  On top of that we are so confident in our ability to train you, we pay for 100% of the damages to any gear during our class.  We are quite literally putting our money where our mouth is…  You won’t see any other school do that…  You could easily damage upwards of $15,000 worth of gear and we would happily pay for it.  We have in the past and will in the future.


Included in the price of Super Training:

  • Lodging ($1,500 value)

  • Transportation ($600 value)

  • Equipment use ($1,500 value)

  • Coverage on any damage to our equipment ($2,000 value)

  • $2,000 credit towards equipment


$5,600 worth of value for only $2,500 after purchasing equipment.

Sign Up For Super Training by Calling: (800) 707-2525

How Do You Sign Up For Super Training?

Sign up for a future Super Training class by calling our main instructor Dell Schanze at (800) 707-2525

Talk to you soon!

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