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What Paraglider Is RIGHT For YOU?

There is only one answer...

What You Need To Know.

There are many different types and styles of paragliders. All designed for different reasons but all do one thing. They fly. Some are made to keep you alive and some are made to kill you. 

After YEARS and YEARS of testing gliders we have found the BEST paraglider ever made.

WHAT MAKES IT THE BEST? Simple, it is the best in many different characteristics.

What Do We Mean?

The main things that we searched for when finding the best glider were:

Safety and Performance.

How well does the paraglider perform and how safe is it.

We made it our priority to find the SAFEST paraglider while maintaining the top level performance. As experienced pilots we wanted to be able to do more advanced flying while still flying a wing that wanted to keep us alive.


What does performance mean?

Performance is the paragliders ability to perform maneuvers acro and so on. The performance is determined by how easily to does and its limits of the glider. Some paraglider are more capable then others but sacrifice all safety to do it. Other paragliders have 80% of the performance while maintaining 100% of the safety.


THE PERFORMANCE TRAP happens to TOO many pilots. The trap is thinking that you have to get a very unsafe and dangerous glider to get the performance you want. 

That is just NOT TRUE.

You do not need to sacrifice your safety to get the performance you want. Safety should be your number one priority and you should not sacrifice it for a slight increase in performance. 

There is a glider that gives you almost all the performance while maintaining the highest level of safety. To find that glider took us years and years of testing every glider on the market to find it.

Achieve the highest level of safety without sacrificing performance. A glider flown by both brand new pilots and pilots with decades of experience.


The most important think to consider when deciding on a glider.

What makes a glider safe?

There are many different things to look at for a gliders safety. Things such as how easily they collapse, their recovery time from collapses, how they respond to collapses, their stall point, stability and more.

When looking at gliders, you have to not only be told the information but you have to be able to watch the glider perform in real world situations.

The Best Paraglider, Ever Made.

The Dominator